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About Us

Breakthrough is a way to share the fascinating and diverse research that is occurring across all fields and all schools at Tufts University. We provide information to our readers about the researchers and their process and findings in a way that can be understood by all levels of knowledge. This may include social implications for their work, career tips for students, or their unique journey in getting to where they are.


The Publication Process

With guidelines and tips for each step of the process, each member has an opportunity to write an article throughout the course of each semester. Our members choose a topic that they would like to investigate in any field, and we email the people at Tufts (not just limited to professors) that are working on that research to set up an interview. The club members then write an article to explain the research, the background of the researcher, and the opinion of the student. With a few peer editing sessions, the articles are ready to be published!

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The Breakthrough Journal 
Executive Board


Co Editor-in-chief

Elitsa Ilieva

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Co Editor-in-chief

Noha Awais

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Communication Director

Isabella Sidoruk 

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Annika von Schoeler-Ames 

Abstract Background

Social Media | Marketing Director

Nikita Bhat 

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Website Director

Gawon Yoo

past leadership

Bijan Harandi  

Anna Joseph  



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